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Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars from Line 6 combines the traditional tone and playability of wood bodies and electric pickups with the modern flexibility of digital modeling and signal processing to put an amazing range of sounds at your fingertips. Move from classic British Invasion electric to futuristic synth guitar and custom tones at the press of a button, on stage or in the studio and without any extra gear.

Line 6 James Tyler Variax modeling guitars are revolutionary instruments that provide guitarists with unprecedented ranges of tones based on history's most desirable electric and acoustic guitars. Featuring instrument designs by legendary luthier James Tyler and guitar modeling by modeling pioneers Line 6, James Tyler Variax guitars are turning guitar history on its ear. Line 6 James Tyler Variax guitars are available in three irresistible flavors to suit your guitar preference including JTV-59 (Classic late 50s style single cutaway), JTV-69 (retro-inspired 60s-style double cutaway) and JTV-89 (super-fast and dialled in for shredding). Each includes the perfect neck profiles, scale lengths, shapes and pickups for its style and is available in your choice of finishes.