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Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors are the key to quality recordings, as they allow you to hear all of the subtleties in your music with clear, accurate reproduction. All of the fancy audio recording equipment in the world and the most advanced and powerful audio recording software isn't worth much if you can't hear what your mixes really sound like. Investing in a quality brand like a KRK monitor is money well spent.

Top-flight speakers can cost thousands of dollars, but the new range of Alesis studio monitors, KRK studio monitors, M-Audio studio monitors bring professional audio quality into the hands of the budget-conscious engineer. Alesis M1 620 Studio Monitor and M-Audio Studiophile Studio Monitor series represent excellent sound at excellent prices, and StudiMusicals is proud to be an authorized dealer of both lines of studio monitors. Combine any of our systems with a Presonus Central Station for the ultimate in control over all of your monitoring sources, from mixer to DAT deck.