Blue B3 Bottle Cap

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Blue B3

 Bottle Cap is an incredibly transparent, neutral capsule for the Blue Bottle microphone. Cardioid, with a mid-sized diaphgram, the Blue B3 is excellent for capturing female vocals, distant miking of orchestral groups and instruments, distorted electric guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, and resonator guitars. You can also expect a natural, "folky" tone when used on nylon- and steel-string acoustic guitars.

This Blue B3 Bottle Cap is one of seven interchangeable capsules you can use with your Blue Bottle microphone to take it to even greater sonic heights! With each capsule of Blue B3 in the collection, you add a different array of tonal characteristics and pickup patterns to the Blue Bottle, allowing you to capture everything from the wispiest highs to the most gut-punching lows imaginable.


Blue B3 cardioid Mid-sized Diaphragm Capsule for the Blue Bottle Microphone

Very transparent, neutral sound

Blue B3 is excellent for female vocals, distant miking of orchestral groups, disroted electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, resonator guitar, jazz guitar, electric bass, distorted electric guitar

Lends a natural, "folky" tone when used on acoustic guitar

Blue B3 comes inside an individual felt-lined wood box





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