Digidesign Avid MC Pro DAW and Video Production Control Surface

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Avid MC Pro

 control surface features a full-size keyboard, jog wheel, trackball, 56 LCD SmartSwitches, nine rotary controls, and four faders. There's also a comprehensive monitoring section onboard. When the MC Pro detects a particular application, it adapts the controls to match the program. That means a fast workflow and more flexible recording and editing options when you use this control surface.


Dual trackballs (which can be switched for mouse operation) each with a control ring.

One trackball can also be converted into a Jog-Shuttle wheel.

Standard full-sized qwerty keyboard with numeric keypad (which can be changed for a user-preferable keyboard)

56 programmable SmartSwitches each with an integral LCD display to show their function

9 Soft Knobs for processor and plug-in control

4 faders (optionally dual joystick panners)

6 Strip Control buttons associated with the faders

4 buttons for selecting multiple workstations

High-res touchscreen for setup and control

Surround monitoring including monitor matrix, speaker controls, solo and talkback mic

1/4" footswitch jack, headphone thru jack

Touchscreen VGA out

Standard keyboard and mouse ports

USB port

Serial port and Ethernet


Intended Use: Audio Mixer

Number of Faders: 4

Fader Throw: 100mm

Fader Type: Touch Sensitive, Motorized

Number of Knobs: 12

Knob Type: Touch Sensitive rotary encoders

Number of Performance Pads: No performance pads

Performance Pad Types: No performance pads

Number of Soft Keys: 104 dedicated soft keys, 65 assignable soft keys

Other Controls: Trackball, Jog Wheel

Transport Controls: Yes

Audio Inputs: No audio inputs

Audio Outputs: Headphone output (TRS), talkback mic output (XLR)

Computer Connectivity: Ethernet, USB

Control I/O: Footswitch input

Dimensions (WxHxD): 37.5 x 3.6 x 20.7"

Weight: 40 lbs.





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