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Pro CD Production Suite

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Product Description

Pro CD Production Suite

A Killer CD Production Studio, without killing the budget.
Because Digidesign's ProTools HD system is just a far off dream for the majority of us. We wanted to create a comparable system but for less than $25,000. How could we do this, you ask? By utilizing the power and capabilities of the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 16-channel console , Cubase 5 , two RME Fireface 800 interfaces, the M-Audio Octane , and a MOTU 24I/O Core PCIe System . With a total of 32 mic preamp inputs, 32 line inputs, and 24 analog inputs there is no project you won't be able to handle.

32 Mic Preamps, 32 Line Inputs, & 24 Analog Inputs! ...Now all you need is the orchestra!
The RME Fireface 800 is an award winning interface that offers high-quality preamps, jitter-free clocking, and lots of I/O options. The two RMEs in this config combined provide 8 XLR inputs, a total of 16 line inputs and 112 digital channels! The two can work separately, or in tandem in case you have separate suites but need to record large setups from time to time. 24-bit 192 kHz processing puts you in the HD playing field and ensures synchronicity with RME's SyncCheck technology, locking everything down in its' actual state. The M-Audio Octane Preamp is another award winning interface that adds 8 more preamp/instrument inputs and gives you the same M-S matrix encoding used for stereo miking techniques previously only available in ProTools HD systems. The Octane is also Lightpipe capable, connecting you with disk recorders and digital mixers, such as the PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 in this bundle. To handle all of your analog needs, the MOTU 24I/O Core PCIe System provides 24 high-quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources.

Audio Processing, Plug-in Prowess
Cubase 5 and StudioLive both offer audio processing and instrument plug-ins, but for a truly Pro Studio , we wanted to include more. For audio processing and effects, t he recently introduced StudioLive 16.4.2 is THE large console killer. Let's forget about the 16 award winning Class A XMAX mic preamps for a second, and understand that to have a console with a 32-bit DSP effects engine with 90-built in effects, 16 x 4-band EQ, 28 compressors, 28 limiters, 28 gates, 28 high pass filters, 2 stereo reverb/delay's, and 2 master stereo limiters , this board would be almost 5 feet deep! But because of PreSonus' revolutionary Fat-channel technology, this console measures a little over 22" deep! Ultra high headroom 32-bit floating point proc essing for optimal sonic performance delivering a dynamic range of +118dB for spectacular sonic results and unmatched musicality. Award-winning FireWire technology with JetPLL(TM) synchronization delivers 32 channels of recording and 18 channels of simultaneous playback. Each recording channel can be set to record either pre or post Fat-Channel signal processing giving total flexibility and power. It can also return 18 FireWire playback channels for remixing and live performance with pre-recorded tracks, as well as studio mixing using the mixer's internal signal processing and summing algorithms.

To make this studio a MIDI powerhouse, we chose Native Instruments Komplete 6 , which includes KONTAKT 4 (the de-facto sampler workstation), BATTERY 3 (drums), ABSYNTH 5 (synth sounds), MASSIVE (Basses), FM8 (melodies), REAKTOR 5 (sound creation), and GUITAR RIG 4 (guitars). But even with all that, it's still not enough sounds, so we've included IK Multimedia's Miroslav Philharmonik which is a 16-part multi-timbral sample based orchestral workstation with over 500 orchestral sounds, combis and presets all with DSP effects (which can be loaded into the StudioLive's Fat Channel) encompassing over 7GB of samples! Then for producing the absolute best piano sounds possible, we've included Steinberg's The Grand 3 Piano Suite which c onsists of three highly acclaimed grand pianos: the Yamaha C7 , the B?sendorfer 290 Imperial and the Steinway D . In addition The Grand 3's virtual pianos also include the distinctive character of the vintage Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand and the upright by Nordiska Pianofabriken . For playing all those great sounds, this studio is equipped with an M-Audio Keystation Pro-88 , an 88-key, weighted-hammer action controller, that has plenty of programmable knobs, buttons, and sliders. To help you manage this massive library of sounds, we've included MOTU Unisyn Editor Librarian Software . Unisyn can store thousands of sounds at your fingertips and recall them instantly using database-style search criteria, such as "plucked electric bass" with "bright stereo flange". Unisyn also features a Patch generator which allows you to blend & mingle and randomize generating hundreds of patches at the click of a button.

The Master
The mastering process is numerous finite steps that with inadequate tools is simply impossible. Which is why this studio includes Steinberg's Nuendo 4 Audio Post Production and WaveLab 6 . With unsurpassed Automation features, 38 next-gen VST3 plugins (featuring side chaining and drag & drop for FX plug-ins) , a MediaBay Database , and t wenty new editing commands and tool modifiers. Included are often used standards like "Cut Head" "Cut Tail", daily helpers such as "Enlarge/Move Range to previous/next Event" and a long list of key modifiers which support aligning of events with other events or the cursor. There is also advanced routing and recording from summing objects throughout the entire VST Mixer that allow unrestricted and free routing between group channels regardless of their order. When you've hit that ¡°sweet spot" with your mix and are ready to output, WaveLab 6 takes it from there. Featuring high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, audio restoration, sample design and complete CD/DVD Audio production, along with a loudness-corrected SmartBypass system, outstanding DIRAC time stretch and pitch shift technology, Bob Katz System Metering and more. With a loudness-corrected SmartBypass system, outstanding DIRAC time stretch and pitch shift technology, Bob Katz System Metering and more. Built in support for a multitude of different audio file formats: WAV, AIFF, SD II, AU, MP3, MP2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, all at resolutions of 8/16/20/24/32 bits with up to 384 kHz. PLUS! W64 and RIFF 64 file formats, AES-31 import and export of projects ensures you have every capability you need.

Mic Up, Please!
For vocal mics we went with large-diaphragm condensers. The AKG Preception 820 Tube provides a classic, warm tube sound and features dual 1" diaphragms with True Condenser technology, as well as ECC 83 dual-triode tube circuitry for rich, detailed sound. The remote power supply of the Perception 820 features a pickup pattern selector, which can be set to omni, cardioid, and figure 8, as well as 6 intermediate patterns, for a total of 9 selectable patterns. The remote also features a -20dB pad, a switchable bass cut filter, and a ground-lift switch. The Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Microphone combines advanced engineering with vintage tube technology. The AT4060 mic's superior dynamic range, low noise, and high SPL capability make it a premier vocal microphone. And whether recording soft string sections or screaming guitars, output is always clear and consistent, lush and uncolored. Dual gold-vaporized, large-diaphragm elements provide extended frequency response. We also included a classic ribbon mic from Blue Microphones . The Woodpecker Active Ribbon Microphone is one of the most interesting and beautiful ribbon microphones you'll ever lay eyes (or ears) on. Combining the low noise and superb detail of Blue's renowned Class-A discrete handmade electronics with the bold sound of a handmade aluminum ribbon pressure-gradient transducer, this mic provides you with figure 8, bidirectional polar pattern and a frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, allowing you to capture the essence of any recorded sound. For miking the drums, we opted for the Audix DP7 , by far one of the most superb drum mic packages available. The DP7 is a seven piece drum microphone kit for recording and live sound reinforcement and contains a I5 cardioid (snare), two D2 hypercardioid (mid toms), one D4 hypercardioid (low tom), one D6 hypercardioid (kick drum) and two ADX51 overhead microphones. There are also four D-Vice gooseneck drum clips and a rugged aluminum road case. To handle miking other instruments such as guitar amps, acoustic instruments and for post video sound effects, we selected a matched pair of AKG C 451 B/ST Studio Condenser Microphones . These serialized stereo microphones are designed for recording sounds with high transient response. They feature a light diaphragm for minimizing handling noise, and a switchable 75Hz/150Hz high-pass filter, eliminating low-end rumble which enhances the "airy" character of the audio signal. Another great feature of the C 451 B/ST is that they provide a flat, on-axis frequency response, capturing the performance without any signal coloration, a must for folly and sound effect recording when doing Film/Video work. For anything else that may require miking, we once again go with a pair of our tried and true friends, the Shure SM57X2Us.

He who has ears, let him hear!
Monitor control, talkback and speaker switching are handled by the PreSonus Central Station Studio Monitor by way of the CSR1 Central Station Remote . The Central Station features 3 sets of stereo analog inputs to switch between input sources such as: DAW, mixer, CD/DAT/Tape player, or keyboards/samplers. Two stereo analog inputs which are TRS balanced and the 3rd stereo input features RCA inputs with trim control for level matching of input signals. In addition, you have 2 digital inputs via S/PDIF or TOSLINK providing D/A conversion up to 24Bit/192kHz. This allows for the most accurate A/B comparison and highest quality monitoring environment. With over 117dB dynamic range and ultra high quality analog circuitry, the Central Station features 3 sets of monitor outputs, each with their own set of passive trim controls providing Mute, Dim and Mono switches. In addition, the Central Station includes a set of CUE outputs that can feed headphone amplifiers and a separate stereo Main line level output. The main audio path of the Central Station uses no amplifier stages including op amps or active IC's (integrated circuits) that add noise, color, distortion, and give that "pinched" sound. Distortion produced by op amps and IC's also gives added ear fatigue.

It is always optimal to switch between speakers when mixing, and is essential in the Mastering portion of the production phase. To help facilitate this, we have included two sets of active monitors for this studio: the JBL LSR4328P Pak and a pair of KRK VXT 6 Active Studio Monitors . The JBLs are a pair of robust (32.5 lbs.), bi-amplified, 2-way monitors, housed in a sturdy, handsome cabinet with a carefully damped and baffled interior. The 8" Neodymium woofer and Waveguide-controlled 1" silk dome tweeter are powered by 150 and 70 Watt amplifiers, respectively. Magnetically shielded for close-proximity use with computer and video monitors, advanced linear spatial reference design for flat off-axis response and greater clarity at the mix position, RMC(TM) Room Mode Correction provides electronic control of room modes, "tunes" speaker to acoustic characteristics of recording and mixing space, HiQnet(TM) Network Protocol enables multi-speaker, multi-room system-wide control of level, EQ, input selection and other functions, a wireless remote control and LSR4300 Control Center Software enables remote control from listening position, and 31-segment dBFS front panel LED meter and setting display with -70dBFS to 0dBFS scale plus CLIP make this pair the ultimate in pure sound replication. The VXT 6 Active Studio Monitors from KRK , are to date, the most popular selling monitors on the market. H allmarked by defined low end, articulate midrange and precise highs, delivering clarity and accuracy on par with many world-class speakers costing more. Featuring several key design elements that have made KRK a "studio standard". These include radius edges for improved imaging and slotted ports that greatly reduce distortion caused by port turbulence. What's more, featuring a 6" woven Kevlar woofer and 1" Silk Dome Ferrite Tweeter, you'll quickly discover that the VXT audio monitors are as precise about your work as you are. Whether you are making critical mixing decisions or capturing the subtle nuance of a unique sound.

For headphones, you get a single pair of Sony MDR-7509HD Closed-Back Monitor Headphones and five pairs of AKG K77 headphones. The MDR-7509HD provide high quality, accurate reproduction and the K77s for the tracking musicians are excellent quality for a nominal price. The headphone amp is a Rane HC6 which is capable of driving 6 sets of cans.

The icing on the cake
Finally, we added an outboard compressor, the Focusrite Compounder Stereo Compressor is a combination compressor/limiter with noise gate/expander. Each channel of the Focusrite Compounder can be used independently, or linked for true stereo operation, primarily to use when tracking, but can be used for mixing as well. And in case you need more than 2 channels of outboard compression, we added the PreSonus ACP88 8-Channel Compressor/Gate , The ACP88 is comprised of 8 channels of compression, limiting, and noise gating.

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