Rane G4 Quad Gate

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Rane G4

 Quad Gate is suitable for use in a variety of demanding dynamics processing applications, Combining familiar front panel controls with the accuracy and performance of digital signal processing. Rane G4 is the ideal tool for front of house, monitor, instrument and voice processing, broadcast and recording.Rane G4 offeres Gating, ducking and downward expansion modes, together with internal high- and low-cut filters and external side-chain inputs.


Analog controls (knobs, sliders) allow a performer or sound engineer to make precise adjustments in real time.

Rane G4's digital signal processing (DSP) provides a degree of accuracy, consistency and flexibility that simply cannot be matched with a traditional analog design.

Rane G4 combines the best of both worlds by using analog controls and high performance digital processing to achieve an unprecedented feature set.





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