Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C Dual Manual Digital Organ

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Roland Atelier Combo AT-350C

 features a variety of authentic organ sounds to fit a broad range of musical styles, from rock and pop to jazz. You can ake this organ to your next gig - ideal for performing musicians.

Ready for any live performance, the Atelier Combo AT-350C features numerous organ sounds, Virtual Tone Wheel technology for rock, pop, and jazz performances, high-resolution voices powered by Roland's SuperNatural technology, and much more.

Designed for easy transport, the Atelier Combo has a traditional double manual configuration with 49 keys on the upper and 64 keys on the lower. For those who choose to kick live bass, optional 20-note or 25-note pedalboards are available for the Atelier Combo. Also available is the KS-G8 optional keyboard stand. The instrument's design allows it to be broken down into 3 separate pieces, making it easily transportable to performance venues, rehearsals, studio sessions, etc.

The new combo organ was designed for real-time performance - The Atelier Combo incorporates a variety of expressive controllers and comes equipped with full authentic harmonic bars, including a red Solo bar. With D Beam, players can create sound effects or manipulate pitch, filter, and volume using an infrared light beam for dynamic performance on stage. Likewise, with the built-in library of Musical Styles and MIDI- and audio-file playback via USB key, complete backing tracks can be added to any performance, all with interactive control.

Item Includes

  • Roland Atelier AT-350C Organ
  • Music Rest
  • AC Adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • PK Cable
  • Voice
  • Owner's Manual
  • Quick Guide
  • Stylish design, easy to transport
  • Realtime performance features in a travel-friendly instrument that's made for the stage
  • Double-manual keyboard configuration: 49-key upper, 64-key lower
  • Full harmonic bars for Upper, Lower, Solo, and Bass
  • Higher-resolution voices powered by Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL technology
  • D Beam provides unique sound control
  • Optional accessories: KS-G8/KS-12 keyboard stands, PK-7A 20-key pedalboard, PK-25A 25-key pedalboard


Keyboard Upper: 49 keys (C3 to C7)
Lower: 64 keys (Waterfall keyboard, A1 to C7)
Initial Touch: Upper, Lower (10 levels for each)
Sound Generator Conforms to GM2/GS/XGlite
Max. Polyphony: 128
Voice 243 Voices (including 15 SuperNATURAL Voices and 8 Active Expression Voices)
Upper Part: Organ, Orchestral
Lower Part: Lower
Solo Part: Solo
Pedal Part: Pedal
Vintage Organ: Flute (with full harmonic bars)
Rhythm 210 rhythms in 8 groups x 4 variations
User Rhythm: 99 rhythms
Arranger Function Tempo, Arranger On/Off, Start/Stop, Sync Start, Intro, Ending, Intro Count Down, Break, Auto Fill In, Variation (4 variations), One Touch Program, Chord Intelligence, Leading Bass, Auto Standard Tempo
Music Assistant Over 240 titles x 4 variations
One Touch Program 210 rhythms x 4 variations
Drums/SFX Sets 17 Drum Sets + 1 SFX Set
Manual Percussion Sets 7 sets
Harmony Intelligence 18 types
Master Tuning 415.3 to 466.2 Hz (Adjustable in Increments of 0.1 Hz)
Key Transpose -4 to +7 (in semitones)
Playback Transpose -6 to +5 (in semitones)
Effects Rotary Sound, RSS Reverb, Sustain, Vibrato, Glide, D Beam, Overdrive
Registration 8 memories
Function: Load Next, Registration Shift
Composer Tracks: 7 tracks
Note Storage: Approx. 40,000 notes
Song Length: Max. 999 measures
Tempo: Quarter note = 20 to 500
Resolution: 120 ticks per quarter note
Recording: Realtime (Replace)
Audio Recording: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit Linear Format)
File Storage Media: USB memory
Save Song: USB memory: MUSIC ATELIER original format, SMF format 0, WAV
Songs: Max. 99 songs for each folder
Display Graphic 128 x 64 dots backlit LCD
Connectors Main Out jacks (L/Mono, R)
AUX Out jacks (L/Mono, R)
Input jacks (L/Mono, R)
Phones jack (stereo)
Pedal jacks (Damper, Expression, Control)
MIDI connectors (In, Out)
PK In connector
USB (MIDI) connector
USB Memory connector
DC In jack
Power Supply DC 9 V (AC adaptor)
Current Draw 1,000 mA
Finish Black
Options (sold separately) Keyboard Stand: KS-G8, KS-12
Pedalboard: PK-25A, PK-7A
Damper Pedal: DP-10, DP-2
Expression Pedal: EV-7
Stereo Headphones
USB Memory
CD Drive
Keyboard Amplifier: KC-110, SA-1000
Size and Weight (with Music Rest) Width: 1,250 mm; 49-1/4 inches
Depth: 510 mm; 20-1/8 inches
Height: 370 mm; 14-5/8 inches
Weight: 25.5 kg; 56 lbs. 4 oz.
Size and Weight (without Music Rest) Width: 1,250 mm; 49-1/4 inches
Depth: 510 mm; 20-1/8 inches
Height: 190 mm; 7-1/2 inches
Weight: 24.5 kg; 54 lbs. 1 oz.





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