Roland CD-2i Portable SD/CD Recorder

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Roland CD-2i

 is Portable SD/CD Recorder with Built-in Stereo Microphones, Stereo Speakers, and Wireless Remote. Roland CD-2i is ideal for music teachers, students taking lessons, or anyone just wanting a straight-forward, take-anywhere solution for recording and burning CD-R and CD-RW discs. More than that, though, the Roland CD-2i can even record to a pocket-sized reusable SD memory card.

For starters, the Roland CD-2i is super-compact and self-contained. You can power it with six AA batteries or use AC power when it's available. The built-in microphones and speakers make everything easy. Of course, you can use the onboard I/O to connect your own equipment. There's a jack for an external microphone (with phantom power) and a ?" jack for an instrument or a line-level audio device (say, a record player). There are even stereo line outputs and a headphone output.

A high-quality stereo microphone is built into Roland CD-2i for easy ¡°point and capture¡± recording, with XLR, 1/4-inch, and RCA inputs included for those who wish to incorporate other mics and devices. Loaded with features for recording, polishing, playback, music practice, and more, this do-everything box is a must-have for anyone who needs high-quality, portable CD production.


Simple recording direct to CD-R/RW or SD memory card

All-in-one portable design; thin, sturdy, and stylish

REHEARSAL function to set the best input level for recording automatically

High-quality sound via built-in stereo microphone and speakers

Easy-to-use interface with EASY GUIDE function

Key, speed, and center cancel playback functions for lessons

XLR with phantom power; phono equalizer

Wireless remote controller

Battery or AC power (6 AA batteries; AC adaptor included)





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