Roland TD-9KX2 Electronic Drum Set

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Roland TD-9KX2

 electronic drum set is a package that includes TD-9 Percussion Sound Module, PD-105BK Mesh Pad, 3 PD-85BK Mesh Pads, KD-9 Kick Trigger Pad, CY-12C Cymbal Pad, CY-13R Cymbal Pad and VH-11 Hi-Hat.

The TD-9KX2 gives you the combination of amazing sound and the realistic acoustic feel. At the center of this set is the advanced TD-9 sound module, loaded with hundreds of amazing drum sounds, plus real-audio songs and patterns. The TD-9 also gives you excellent practice and rehearsal tools, plus a USB port for audio file playback. A major upgrade from the regular TD-9K2 kit, the TD-9KX2 features an acoustic style 2-piece hi-hat that uses a standard hi-hat stand. It also includes an entire set of extra-large dual-layer mesh heads for the most natural-feeling response in its class. Updated multi-zone cymbals and Roland's fabric-surfaced KD-9 kick pad round out this set's dynamic feel and expressive range. The entire TD-9K2 kit assembles around the sturdy MDS-9 stand, which features ball-joints for easy snare and tom positioning, and conveniently integrated cymbal arms.


- TD-9 module with expressive new sounds, real-audio songs and patterns
- Scope function with graphical LCD display
- PD-105 mesh snare
- 3 PD-85 mesh toms
- KD-9 kick pad
- VH-11 2-piece hi-hat cymbal
- FD-8 hi-hat control pedal
- CY-12C dual-trigger crash cymbal pad
- CY-13R 3-trigger ride cymbal pad
- MDS-9 drum stand (includes ball-clamps for the snare and toms, cymbal arms)
- Cabling included
- (Kick drum pedal and hi-hat stand not included)


Size and Weight:
Width: 1,300 mm; 51-3/16 inches
Depth: 1,200 mm; 47-1/4 inches
Height: 1,250 mm; 49-1/4 inches
Weight: 15.3 kg: 33 lbs. 12 oz.





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