Sonnox Broadcast Plug-in Bundle TDM

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Sonnox Broadcast

 plug-in bundle includes the Oxford EQ, Oxford Dynamics, Oxford Inflator, Oxford Limiter and Oxford SuprEsser. This plug-in bundle gives you all the tools you need to prepare and finalize your material for the air waves, YouTube, or any other broadcast medium.

In general, the Oxford EQ and Oxford Dynamics plug-ins are great for preparing your tracks during mix down. When it comes to polishing the sibilance out of dialog, the Oxford SuprEsser is a real lifesaver. When you're material's ready, run it through the Oxford Limiter to get the loudest possible signal, or hit it with the Oxford Inflator, which adds analog-style psychoacoustic shaping to your tracks, which makes them sound even louder, without compressing the life out of them.

All plug-ins are available in TDM format.


5-band fully parametric EQ
Variable High-Frequency and Low-Frequency up to 36dB/Octave
Algorithm taken directly from the Sony OXF-R3 console
Four different EQ types in one plug-in
Fully de-cramped HF response
A/B switches (automatable)
Ultra low noise and distortion

The dynamics section from the Sony OXF-R3 console
Separate sections for Compressor, Gate, Expander, Limiter
2-band side chain EQ (with audition function)
Warmth control for extra presence and tube-like warmth
Three different compressor types (linear and exponential curves)
Variable soft knee compressor
Separate 5.1 bus compressor (where supported)
Ultra low noise and distortion

Adds presence and tube-like warmth
Increases perceived loudness of any material
Provides virtual headroom above digital maximum
Direct and band-split modes

Limiter plug-in comprising four cascaded processes
Enhance section to increase perceived loudness
Reconstruction meter shows 'actual' signal rather than sampled signal
Auto compensate feature corrects reconstruction errors without losing overall program loudness
Attack, release and variable soft knee controls
Comprehensive dither and noise shaping
Includes many factory presets

Highly featured professional De-Esser
Linear Phase Dynamic EQ
Transparently controls aggressive frequencies
Automatic Level Tracking follows energy levels (no need to automate threshold)
Large intuitive graphic display makes finding frequencies very easy
Full Spectrum Operation (20Hz -20KHz)
Three different 'Listen' modes
Very easy to use
Advanced Mode for ultimate control of the Dynamic EQ
Many creative as well as corrective uses
Presets provide good starting points




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