Tascam DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS Duplicator Ray Recorder

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 DVD and CD duplicator lets you accurately and efficently duplicate up to three DVDs at once, without having to connect to a computer. The DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS gives you 16x DVD duplication speed, as well as 48x speed for CDs. An internal 160GB hard drive means you get a standalone solution for your small-to-medium DVD runs. You also get three eject options, an easy-to-read LCD display, auto-detect of DVD media, continuous copying capability, and a CD Edit Track function. You can make high-quality DVDs and CDs easily and quickly with the TASCAM DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS.


TASCAM DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS 1x3 DVD duplicator with 160GB hard drive

16x DVD duplication

48x CD duplication

TEAC optical drives

160GB Internal hard drive

Record CD to CD-R at up to 48x speeds

Switchable voltage (115V AC or 220V AC)

Multiple Eject Disc Mode - (eject all, eject good only, and manual eject)

TASCAM DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS's Edit Track function (CD only) - CD to CD Edit or CD to HDD Edit

Continuous copying - cool-down periods not required

No software or PC connection required

TASCAM DVW/D13A/KIT/H/TAS has user-friendly LCD Display menu

Intelligent auto detection of DVD??R and DVD??RW media






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